Doxford Hall

Doxford Hall

Powering a luxury hotel and spa

This business operates an exclusive country hotel and spa which has a high heat demand. The location means that the hotel does not have access to gas and therefore they are using oil; we installed two 199kW Biomass Wood Pellet Boilers. To accommodate the client’s aesthetic requirements the Biomass boilers are housed in a containerised plant room and fuel store some 200m from the main building.

The scheme qualified for RHI which is a government incentive scheme, administered by OFGEM, providing a 20 year guaranteed income to businesses heating through renewable sources. RHI incentives are index linked and guaranteed for 20 years.

The Biomass Building

The biomass unit is a unit roughly 10m long and 5m wide, with access space around it for maintenance. New wood chip is delivered roughly every fortnight. Due to the quality of the fuel the gas from the exhaust flue is invisible and silent.

The unit houses, a biomass boiler, wood chip storage and several water storage tanks. We use cedar clad buildings in sensitive areas. These have been used by the National Trust and in areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Potential Savings

We supplied, installed and paid for the systems and now supply the Hall with nearly all its heating at a 25% reduction to the price the Hall were previously paying, saving around £14,000 rising by the cost of oil to close to £20,000 in 5 years.


Project value:

Equipment supplied:
2 off 200kW Evoworld Biomass Boilers
Automatic Wood Pellet Feeding System
150m of underground district heating pipe

Date of project:

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